Plans & Pricing


Core Essentials

for startup and operating businesses

looking to succeed



  • Get New Reviews Automatically

  • Google Direct Reviews

  • Respond To Reviews In One Place

  • Review Sharing On Social Sites


  • Streamline Communication Into 1 Inbox: Facebook Messenger, Email, SMS, Webchat, Google Messaging, Etc

  • Reply To Leads & Customers With Inbox

  • Chat In Real Time With Livechat

  • Mobile App For Easier Communication On The Go


  • Increase website conversions with an on-site chat widget that moves conversations to text.

YEXT Integration

  • Automatically boost your google ranking with YEXT by putting your business on 150 different platforms at once!


  • Easy Text 2 Pay Client Invoicing


  • Grow your audience & know where new leads are coming from

  • Easily Import/Export Leads

Auto Missed Call Text Back

  • When tied up, have your system follow up via text so you never lose another customer

Ready To Scale

for website creation and standard CRM


Everything In Core Essentials Plan

Social Ads System

  • Three Click Facebook Leads Ads

  • 30s Google Leads Ads

  • Social Ads Analytics and Management

  • Simplify, and All In One Place

  • Proven Ad Templates Ready To Get You Started Right

Ad Creation Support

  • Get Assistance With Running Ads

  • Access To Enhanced Ad Strategy Addon Workshops

Plans & Pricing


Core Essentials

For startup and operating businesses

looking for a better marketing and sales system


UNLIMITED Team Members

UNLIMITED Funnels & Websites

Personalized Customer Support Access

Maximize Appointments & Engagements

  • Webchat to Text or AI & FB/IG Messenger: Engage directly on your site or social media, turning interactions into appointments.

  • Phone System / Dialer & Call Tracking: Manage calls with ease, ensuring every lead is captured and nurtured.

  • Automations & Conversations AI: Streamline appointment setting and follow-ups, saving time and enhancing customer experience.

Boost Website & In-Store Traffic

  • SEO Power with YEXT 150+ Directory Listing: Boost your online and local presence, attracting more website and foot traffic.

  • Google My Business & Social Media Planner: Enhance your Google listing and plan social media posts for increased visibility.

  • Funnel Builder & Email Campaign Builder: Guide visitors through your sales funnels and keep them engaged with effective email campaigns.

Fuel Referrals & Repeat Business

  • CRM & Smartlists for Contacts: Track customer interactions and segment audiences for targeted referral campaigns.

  • Reputation Management & Reviews Automation: Automate the collection of glowing reviews to enhance social proof and encourage referrals.

  • Client & Customer Portals: Offer exclusive access to resources, strengthening loyalty and encouraging word-of-mouth.

Streamline Operations for Growth

  • Payments System & Invoicing: Simplify the billing process, making it easy for customers to do business with you.

  • Automations & Bulk Actions: Automate repetitive tasks and manage contacts in bulk, freeing up time to focus on strategic growth.

    • Dashboard & Reporting Analytics: Gain insights into your marketing efforts and adjust strategies for maximum impact.

Ready To Scale

For businesses, ready to turn the dial up with much easier digital Ads system.


Everything In Core Essentials Plan

Digital Ads System

  • Three Click Facebook Ads

  • 30s Google Ads

  • Digital Ads Analytics and Management Simplify, All-In-One Place

  • Proven Ad Templates Ready To Get You Started Right

Ad Creation Support

  • Get Assistance With Running Ads

  • Access To Enhanced Ad Strategy Addon Workshops

Easily Integrates With Leading Apps

Comprehensive Feature List

A little more detailed? Looking for a certain capability?

Here's a straight forward list of almost all of the main features that you get access to in either plan. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools at only $297/month, the Core Essentials plan provides unparalleled value, equipping your business with everything needed to grow online. Compare this to big-box solutions like Hubspot, where similar features can cost upwards of $1,750/month. With Scalar Toolbox, you get a powerful, integrated digital marketing system designed to enhance appointments, drive traffic, fuel referrals, and streamline operations—all at a fraction of the cost.

  • Ad Reporting and Attribution

  • APIs

  • Add-on App Marketplace

  • Automations

  • Blogs

  • Bulk Actions

  • Calendar (Integrations and appointment system replacing things like Calendly)

  • Call Tracking

  • Client Portal (For your customers)

  • Communities (For your followers)

  • Conversations All-In-One Inbox

  • Conversation AI

  • Contacts Management

  • Content AI (Copy and Image AI creation)

  • Courses & Learning Certificates (Replaces things like Kajabi)

  • CRM (Full replacement for things like Sales Force and Hubspot)

  • Customer Portal

  • Dashboard

  • Domain Connect

  • E-commerce Stores

  • Email Campaign Builder (Full replacement for things like Hubspot and Mailchimp)

  • Eliza (Integrated AI Bot)

  • FB/ IG Messenger (Integrated to all-in-one inbox)

  • Forms (Replaces high cost things like WPForms and Typeform)

  • Funnel Builder (Replaces feature lacking things like Clickfunnels and Cartflows)

  • Google Business Profile Integration

  • Integrations (If the third party software doesn't directly integrate, we help use Zapier and lower cost alternatives)


  • Phone System / Power Dialer (A2P registration is a low cost add-on, will unlock texting and calls, used for support and marketing)

  • Email System (Low cost integrated emailing)

  • Memberships (Courses and Communities)

  • Mobile App (Android and iOS)

  • Media Library

  • Opportunities & Pipelines (Replaces things like Sales Force and Hubspot)

  • Payments System (Web based, appointments, and Tap-To-Pay on mobile)

  • Proposals, Estimates & Invoices

  • Reporting Analytics

  • Reputation Management

  • Smartlists for Contacts CRM

  • Social Media Planner (Replaces high cost things like Hootesuite)

  • Affiliate Manager

  • Surveys

  • Tasks

  • Templates (SMS, Email, Automations, Websites, Funnels)

  • Users & Permissions

  • Website Builder (With ecommerce options)

  • Whatsapp Integration

  • Widgets

  • Wordpress Hosting (Add-on service integrated to Scalar Toolbox dashboard system, starts at only $20/mon)

  • Webchat to text or AI Conversation

  • Yext 150+ Directory Listing (Some are for food and other countries, most businesses will use about 70)

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